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The only three runs which gather three countries. Run Alpe Adria consists of the three biggest running events in the Alpe-Adria Region. This worldwide unique project aims to pursuit the international exchange of recreational runners and aims towards the more intense running experience across the three main European cultures.

Join Run Alpe Adria:

Run by the sea: Green Europe Marathon – Bavisela Trieste, Sunday 7th May 2017
Run by the lake: Kärnten Läuft – Kleine Zeitung, Sunday 20th August 2017
Run by the river of the capital: Volkswagen Ljubljana marathon, Sunday 29th October 2017


Triest Marathon
Kärnten Läuft Marathon
Ljubljana Marathon
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Every competitor who finishes all three races within 3 years (2016 – 2018) with valid time will receive a special Run Alpe Adria medal and a diploma. The three highest ranked competitors (who run 2 x 42km and 1 x 21km) will receive trophies in absolute category separately for men and women.

General rules and conditions

Standard rules and conditions of IAAF (International Athletic Federation) will be applied.
Official results will be published on web-pages of each running event and official page of Run Alpe Adria Cup.

Registration / Fees / Rules

For Run Alpe Adria no separate registration is needed. You just need to register at each race according to the deadline:

  • Green Europe Marathon-Bavisela Trieste 8th May 2017
    online registration deadlines:
    Marathon: 31st Dezember (35 €), 31th March (40 €), 3rd May (45€), on event-weekend: Friday 5th and Saturday 6th May 2017 (50€)
    Halfmarathon: 31st Dezember (20 €), 31th March (25 €), 3rd May (30€), on event-weekend: Friday 5th and Saturday 6th May 2017 (35€)
  • Kärnten Läuft Event 18th-20th August 2017
    online registration deadlines:
    Halfmarathon: 31st Dezember (32€), 31st March (37€), 30th June (40€), 8th August 2017 (43€)
    on event-weekend: Friday 18th August (14-20h), Saturday 19th August (49€)- 9-20h
  • Volkswagen Ljubljana marathon 29th October 2017
    online registration deadlines:
    18th August 2017 (35 €), 15th September 2017 (40 €), 30th September 2017 (40 € – only starting number and bib);
    no registrations on event-weekend

holidays & bookings

All three events have the great possibility to merge running with holidays and a good opportunity to have a great weekend at the sea, the lake or green capital city.
For further bookings, please check each website of each run:

Martin Steinthaler im Ruderboot
Green Europe Marathon – Bavisela Trieste
Volkswagen Ljubljana marathon